We have a very large range of capacitors for all your aircon and heating needs.




Part No. Description
CAP1UF W/LEADS 1.0uF  P2 Plastic  Flying Leads
CAP1UF 1.0uF  P2 Plastic Motor Run Capacitor  2QC’s
CAP1.5UF 1.5uF  P2 Plastic  Single QC
CAP1.5UF W/LEADS 1.5uF  P2 Motor Run Capacitor (plastic)  flying leads
CAP2UF 2.0uF P2  Single QC
CAP4UF 4.0uF  P2  40x55mm (Braemar
CAP5UF 5.0uF  P2  40x55mm
CAP6UF 6.0uF  P2  40x55mm (Brivis
CAP8UF 8.0uF  P2  40x60mm (Brivis
CAP10UF 10uF  P2  40x60mm
CAP12UF 12uF  P2  45x60mm (Brivis)
CAP15UF 15uF  P2  40x85mm (Braemar
CAP20UF 20uF  P2  “slim”
CAP25UF 25uF  P2  50x85mm (Brivis)
CAP25UFslim 25uF  P2  “slim”
CAP30UF 30uF  P2  50x100mm
CAP35UF 35uF  P2  55x100mm
CAP45UF 40uF  P2  50x125mm
CAP45UF 45uF  P2  55x125mm
CAP50UF 50uF  P2  55x125mm
CAP55UF 55uF  P2  55x125mm
CAP60UF 60uF  P2  55x125mm