We are stockist of appliances & spare parts related to gas & electric applications for hot-water, heating, cooling, cooking & plumbing. With ranging almost every brand in Australia we outstandingly perform in our customer service with expertise in this industry over 30 years. Our primary goal is 100% customer satisfaction by providing top service on time every time. With our ability to purchase direct from manufacturers whether in Australia or overseas which results in very competitive prices & exclusive products. As per our company slogan, ” If it exists, we’ll get it”  we become one stop shop for gas & plumbing needs.

Our Products

* Gas Spare Parts & Appliances
* Evaporative Cooling Spare parts & Units
* Split Systems Spare parts & Units
* Electric Cooking spare parts & appliances
* Commercial Cooking Gas Spare parts
* LPG Equipment & fittings
* Caravan related gas spares.
* Hot Water Units
* Duct work and related supplies for installation or repairs.
* General Plumbing supplies, valves, fittings, etc.
* All Gases Analyzers & meters, Carbon Monoxide detectors & sensors etc.
Brands We Supply
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